About us

Hello everyone!!

This all started many years ago! :) When I was young and finished art school I wanted to make money and continue making cool designs.

I bought a hundred blank t-shirts and started decorating them with makers from the dollar store. You can see my old work at http://instagram.com/royalteaseclothing

As time went on, I found ways that are more efficient and other exciting mediums to design t-shirts. I did heat transfers, vinyl transfers, DTG and screen printing! :))

I have been screen printing for the past 6 years. I managed to get myself into a print shop with no experience other than what I learned on my own. When I started I did make many mistakes and scrap a lot of t-shirts, I still do from time to time. I love screen printing! I have really gotten good at it and it comes naturally. I like learning new tricks and finding new ways to get different effects.

Today is a new day! I want to travel and see the world. I want my life to be ever expanding. I was born in London, England. I lived most of my life in Montreal, Canada. I Started really traveling about a year and a half ago. I went to Vegas, New York, Japan, Costa Rica and Chicago!! As I am writing this, I am on the Big Island of Hawaii, near some lava flow in he dense rain forest jungle.

I hope to create a online shop that is fun and exciting. I always have new ideas!
Some are great and others are not so awesome.
I feel like this would be a place where I could put up all my designs and let the rest of the world decide what is good.
I hope to have a new platform to express my creativity.
It is hard with screen printing to put the time and money into creating shirts that no one buys.
I feel this route would be more cost effective. :))

Welcome to Royal Tease Clothing.
Your Imagination Is The Limit