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24 uniquely created NFT Bunnies.
Holding a Bunny NFT
gives you FULL access for Life.



 Building a Supportive and Encouraging Community.

 Camp Brave Bunny is a safe place for those who are brave enough to be themselves.

Every purchase of a NFT comes with free apparel from the Merch Shop to show off your bunny. 

Limited Edition

Only 24 Bunnies Exist

Unlockable Content

Surprise Gifts with Purchase

Lifetime Membership

Holders Access Future Projects 

What is a NFT?

NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens.
These tokens are permanently encrypted on the blockchian.
For detailed explanation Click Here.

What is OpenSea?

OpenSea is a NFT marketplace.
Buying and trading NFTs can be done on this platform. This is also where to 
buy Camp Brave Bunny NFTS.

These 24 Bunnies are available now!

Grab it now to take advantage
of the floor price!


How to BUY a NFT on OpenSea

1. Get MetaMask Wallet

2. Go to OpenSea Marketplace

3. Select Desired Bunny

4. Click "Buy now"

For Detailed Instruction
Click Here

Merch Shop


Enter Here

Road Map

Social Apps

-Youtube channel based around art projects
-Tiktok also includes these art projects
-Instagram filled with motivational quotes
-Twitter to connect with other NFT projects
-Facebook group (Coming Soon)
-Discord (Beta)


Planned Airdrops for holders.
-Christmas Gift
-Easter Egg
-Next collection 1/50 (this project will begin when all bunnies have been sold.)


All holders will be included in the future drops. We are learning more and more with every drop. We are interested in creating drops that are directly linked to the Metaverse, 3D avatars, Coins and Tokens. The future is limitless. Join us for the ride.

Next Collection

Purchasing a bunny automatically grants you a NFT from the next collection. Holders of a NFT from the next collection will also be subsequently issued a NFT from the drops thereafter. The idea is to forever reward early supporters.

Now to talk about what is being planned for the next collection. The next collection will hold 50 NFTs. 24 of these NFTs will be automatically airdropped to the wallets of the holders of the 24 bunnies. The remaining 26 will be sold to the public. Bunny holders may also purchase additional NFTs from this collection if desired. 


A Discord is a chat room that can be organized in such a way for us to have multiple activities and learning spaces. Art, Recepies, Languages, Travel, Crypto, Stocks, Other NFT projects and much more! Building a Discord is not a easy task but does remain a priority for Camp Brave Bunny. The Discord will be free to join and will included designated rooms for Bunny holders. If you have suggestions and recommendations please reach out to us in the Discord. You can join the Discord group by Clicking Here.


What is a

NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens. These tokens are permanently encrypted on the blockchian.For detailed explanation
Click Here.

What is
Camp Brave Bunny?

We are building an encouraging community. Camp Brave Bunny is a collection of NFTs. Holding a bunny gives you access forever. 

What is the price
for each NFT?

All bunnies are starting at 0.04 Eth.
Once a bunny is sold
the new owner can list
the price as they desire.

What is
Royal Tease Clothing?

Royal Tease Clothing is the tshirt printing company that created Camp Brave Bunny.
Learn more Click Here.

How to buy 
this NFT?

Get a MetaMask wallet
and shop on OpenSea.
Detailed Instructions Click Here.

Can I ask more

Yes! You can always reach us.
We will try to respond ASAP
Here is the link to Contact Us.


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Jinendra shah

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